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FLESH EATING FOUNDATION – ‘We Are Fucked’ Album Review


Flesh Eating FoundationBritish cyberpunk trio Flesh Eating Foundation has announced their new album We Are Fucked’ which will be released on vinyl on May 1via Sonic Entrail Records. This is the band’s seventh official release over the last ten years.

Flesh Eating Foundation is comprised of John E. Smoke (songs, noises and shouting, deafness and blindness), The Juddaman (writing, voices and noises) and Jules (axes and shouts), with Mash and Big Un joining on guitars when the mood is right. Co-founder John E Smoke is known as one of the few deaf/blind musicians working on the scene and can often be seen with his lovable noise loving guide dog JJ.

The press release stated: “Flesh Eating Foundation has been described as electro punk, experimental electronic punk, alternative electronic. A key element of their sound is their use of home made and circuit bend instruments. The electro crowd aren’t sure how to dance to their music and the headbangers don’t think they are metal enough. The punks quite like them though. It has been said that they make too many weird noises and they look a bit strange.”

The superb Nitzer Ebb style opener, We Are Censored pulsates to a throbbing beat full of blips, beats and sheer power and the follow up, We Are Fucked carries on with the prior song finishes off. The vocals are processed electronically and add to menacing vibe of the songs…great stuff!

On Scumbags And Spent Slags (Refined) the distorted industrial keyboard sound supports a spoken/sung vocal with an orchestral atmosphere. The keyboards become more melodious as the song progresses replete with analog bleeps adding to the atmosphere. Next up is Futurelast (featuring Adam Probert) and Flesh Eating Foundation deliver a spoken word intro full of dystopian vision that builds into a slightly off-kilter track that has a disturbing feel.

Punch Drunk is the second to last song and reminded me of a faster, punkier Depeche Mode although the chorus is immense in Front 242 fashion! The album closes with a version of We Are Fucked (XSRY Remix) that is lighter than the original with a danceable beat. This one is a good one folks!

All formats will be available via the band’s own Bandcamp site. There, the band is also offering their recently released 3-track EP ‘Fallen (A Tribute to Mark E Smith and The Fall)’ on a name your price basis.

Get We Are Fucked by Flesh Eating Foundation at this link:





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