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Forever_UncleanDisconnect Disconnect Records have just released the excellent new EP ‘Float‘ from Danish punk rockers Forever Unclean.

Forever Unclean formed from the ashes of European skatepunk scene legends Stars Burn Stripes in 2015 and have been busy honing the punk rock tinged with indie punk sound since. After their debut EP ‘Shreds’ in 2015, the band have been busy touring throughout Europe and the UK, appearing on various compilations around the world and creating some pretty awesome videos in their basement practice space.

The EP opens with some feedback and menacing spoken word film clip before it takes off into a beautiful bass driven punk rock gem, Dinosaur. It’s fast, furious and melodic with some superb mixing and production enhancing the raw sound and melodic vocals.

The title track, Float, lets the vocals lead into a superb guitar riff and then that ever present bass holds together another melodic skate punk extravaganza that I simply loved. Like Counterpunch meet Bad Religion, these boys make a great noise.

Third up is Worthless and it maintains the energy and pace and maybe, just maybe, takes things up a notch or two in terms of power and aggression and it leads to the closer, Waves, which is just a tad grungier/dirtier in guitar sound and ends a very satisfactory introduction to Forever Unclean for me…

Grab a copy of Float here (it’s even available on super nice orange vinyl): https://disconnectdisconnectrecords.bandcamp.com/album/float