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Forever UncleanDanish indie-punk-skatecore rockers, Forever Unclean are back with their much-anticipated new EP, Woof. Since unleashing their last EP ‘Float‘ last year, Forever Unclean have played numerous festivals and toured globally, including recent performances at Manchester Punk Festival and their first tour of Australia.

The EP was released on June 8th on limited edition 7″ vinyl, on Frosted Clear or Opaque Pink (tour edition). Orders are at the link at the foot of this article.

The opening track, Sleep (all the tracks are one word titles) is a great package of angst ridden vocals, some sterling punk rock musicianship throughout with pace, power, hooks and melody throughout.

Words features the high pitched lead vocals that border on a scream and add a real personality to the band as the chords shred, the drums pound and the bass booms along. Forever Unclean introduces some neat tempo changes and vocal interplay to create a very powerful and pleasing effort indeed.

The 84 seconds of Weird begins with a Dead Kennedys guitar lick and the bass helps kick off a roller coaster of a song like The Cramps on speed! The title track, Woof is the penultimate song on the EP clocking in at just under two minutes and delivering some of the best skate/melodic punk I’ve heard in ages – great stuff!

The closer is the comparatively lengthy Road. Here, Forever Unclean maintain the runaway momentum and sheer power. It’s a ‘two by four’ across the head track until they come to an almost complete stop and deliver a ballad like section that leads to monster riffs and a churning, chunky conclusion…phew…great stuff!!!

Get yourself a copy of Woof by Forever Unclean at Disconnect Disconnect Records Bandcamp page here: https://disconnectdisconnectrecords.bandcamp.com/album/woof