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FRANKIIE Share ‘Glory Me’: A Contemplation of Death and Life

FRANKIIE Share ‘Glory Me’: A Contemplation of Death and Life

FrankiieSometimes it takes time apart to regain an appreciation for what you have.

At least, that’s what we experienced during the winter of 2016/17.

After three years, one EP, several tours, and a debunked reality TV show pilot, we began to question the direction in which we, as a group, were heading. Naturally, we began drifting towards individual interests. One of us started a fashion line while another released a solo EP. One became a school teacher, and the other moved to a small island community to work and surf. Despite these changes, it didn’t take long before our paths crossed once more – this time, with a renewed zest for our musical and adventure-seeking bonds.

We’ve spent the past year writing new material and working alongside Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at Vancouver’s Jacknife Sound to finish up our debut full-length. “Glory Me,” the forthcoming record’s first single/video, contemplates death, one’s self and the mysterious beauty of life.

Is our experience of death a true reflection of how we lived?

Like many tracks on the album, it explores the questions of meaning and purpose – feelings that heavily shadowed our lives before we took time for self-discovery.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and listen.





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