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FREEZE THE ATLANTIC – ‘The People Are Revolting’ Album Review

FREEZE THE ATLANTIC – The People Are Revolting

freeze-the-atlanticUK alternative rockers Freeze The Atlantic will release their 3rd album on April 14th on Alcopop! Records. The People Are Revolting was recorded in the space of just one week and the result is an energy and urgency throughout the album.

El Nitro opens the album with a melodic sub-two minute guitar and keyboard instrumental that is sunny and happy in tone and leads into Annotate My Fate where Freeze The Atlantic launch into a powerful Jimmy Eat World style pop-punk rocker.

The band are full of hooks, power chords and emo-tinged vocals and the title track The People Are Revolting emerges from some feedback to pound the listener with a fantastic hook and some excellent playing throughout. The songs deal with topics as diverse as the Syrian refugee crisis, PTSD as well as the general state of today’s world.

Altogether Not Together slows things a little allowing the vocals to take center stage and build to a strong chorus and Captain Buzzkill introduces a Nirvana style riff that had me banging my head in time on one of the strongest tracks of the eleven on the album (this recently made Punk Online’s Video of the Week and we feature it again at the foot of this page). The band are clearly accomplished musicians and the songs build and breathe with Crackerjack showcasing each band member effectively as the song waxes and wanes through all in choruses and mellow verses.

On Magnetoscope a bounce along rhythm propelled by choppy guitar and solid drums is joined by a fuzzed-out bass guitar as the band veer into full emo-style ballad territory. The Floor Is Made Of Lava churns along with some epic vocals whilst Roshambo has a more Weezer like feel and pace.

The penultimate song, Gunnar Hansen is a sub-three minute rock ‘n’ roller that is full of energy and angst and it sets up the closer, No Goodbyes where the band go full on with a five minute plus swirling effort that closes with a melancholy guitar.

Freeze the Atlantic are the real deal from an emo-punk/alternative viewpoint full of melody and power.
The album will be available here: http://www.freezetheatlantic.co.uk/