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FREIGANG – ‘People’s Will’ Review

freigang“You want to make a difference, take a different stance….Boom! Boom! U.S.A.” an excellent opener to Friegang’s third album, “People’s Will” – it would not sound out of place on an early Dead Kennedy’s album with a chugging guitar riff and lyrics critical of the U.S.A.

The band hails from Vienna, Austria although singer Ben joined the band after leaving New York for Vienna and joining in 2011. His lyrics are political and his singing is distinctive in that it is melodic and powerful. We receive many albums from around the world here at Punkonline Towers and most are full of passion, energy and a DIY punk rock ethic. Some really stand out and recently we had Backfire! from Maastricht and now Friegang from another part of Europe have produced a great punk album. Overall the sound they produce is part Dead Kennedys, part GBH, part UK Subs, part Subhumans but, adds up to a sound that is uniquely Friegang.

It’s a well produced album with a clean sound with Wolfgang’s meaty guitar playing solidly backed up by the bass and drums of Hans and Tschuri respectively and the band produces a new punk classic with ‘Trick of Prose’. The album is full of energy and not one song is weak. There are changes of pace, sing-along choruses, great riffs, great guitar solos and some strong lyrics.

‘Conservatism’ injects some ska into the mix and attacks the racists, bigots and right wing politics. ‘Malice of Money’ follows, a tirade against capitalism and the greed it creates. Friegang have been around for over 12 years and this album shows repeatedly that they have honed their craft and they are a welcome voice on the global scene. The two songs closing the album, ‘Liberte’ and ‘Occupy’ demonstrate the versatility of the band as both sound different but both pack a significant punch…proud, political, powerful and punk…Friegang have released a classic set of punk tracks.

‘People’s Will’ was released in 2014 and, despite being a year overdue with our review, it is a worthwhile addition to your library and is certainly one of our favorites of the past twelve months. Check them out here:

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Boom! Boom! USA
  2. People’s Will
  3. Fire and Brimstone
  4. Trick of Prose
  5. Come to Me
  6. Conservatism
  7. Malice of Money
  8. Just You
  9. Liberte
  10. Occupy


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