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FRET! – ‘Through The Wound The Light Comes In’ Album Review

FRET! – Through The Wound The Light Comes In

fretFret! are a three piece band from Newcastle, England and they are garnering quite a reputation. Through The Wound The Light Comes In opens with an instrumental, DK that introduces the listener to a band that clearly has some songwriting chops. Like Mogwai twinned with Motorhead, the instrumental is complex and strong with powerchords played fast and then played slow – it’s a stunning opener.

Freeman starts with a plaintive guitar and vocal over a slow-paced drum. The song has some elements of The Mob and over six minutes burrows its way into your skull gaining its strength from a disciplined lo-fi, shoegaze consistency. Fret! show their versatility with Attune as they mash a funky guitar lick with some seriously heavy chord play on a math-punk extravaganza. The female vocals add a sense of longing and play well with the in-you-face music.

All of the song titles are just one word and Tired is anything but as discordant interludes play again with heavy chords and intricate drum patterns. The band jam through the instrumental with aplomb and mine a unique seam of dance and punk. Loop is a heavy song with a head-banging introduction and very complex math-punk combinations throughout another instrumental. Fret! are in mold of Canadian noise merchants Metz and Judder’s provides another heavy guitar laced and predominantly instrumental song with just a short interlude of two lines of screamed vocals – it’s a strong effort.

Cawlett explores a sludge-rock feel with a slow opening and spoken word vocals over a menacing guitar lick. The penultimate track, Hillbilly, is almost the complete opposite of the prior song as it is a fast, heavy and, again, quite complex in structure.

Ending the album with Surf, Fret! display a more straight up punk rock introduction morphing into some fast and furious guitar and drum interplay and it’s bloody good instrumental and excellent end to an intriguing and ultimately very satisfying listen.

Through The Wound The Light Comes In comes in a limited edition, 4-panel gatefold CD and you can grab it from




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