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GENE LOVES JEZEBEL – ‘Dance Underwater’ Album Review

GENE LOVES JEZEBEL – Dance Underwater

gene-loves-jezebelLegendary goth/indie band Gene Loves Jezebel have announced the release of their new album, Dance Underwater, which has created quite the buzz amongst long term fans and new listeners alike. This is the first album for fourteen years and it has all the hallmarks of a great Gene Loves Jezebel release.

The album, released on Westworld Recordings, opens with a polished track with some jazz undertones and Charmed Life (Never Give In) delivers an accessible package fit for radio airplay. Followed by the bright and breezy, Summertime, a Top twenty single in the making, the band display a refined version of their earlier incarnation with some indie/goth roots but matured into a skilled songwriting unit with influences as wide as modern day pop, salsa rhythms and those aforementioned jazz elements.

How Do You Say Goodbye (To Someone You Love)? is a five minute ballad that has a Bowie vibe and it’s a bloody good song with some accomplished playing. On IZITME the guitar riff and falsetto vocals interplay to create that goth approach that endeared the band to so many people decades ago. The half-way point of the ten song album, Ain’t It Enough, returns to an acoustic guitar fueled ballad and it leads to Cry 4 U where the bass guitar drives a faster effort Sisters Of Mercy style.

The longest track on the album, Flying, reminded me a little of Manchester Indie legends James. World Gone Crazy has a disco meets goth feel and Chase The Sun opens with some ominous sounding keyboards, computer beats and mellow vocals. Concluding with I Don’t Wanna Dance Underwater, Gene Loves Jezebel go for the slow stadium rock anthem and get there with a chant along chorus fit to be the encore at the forthcoming gig!

The album is polished, accessible and, if you like Bowie, you’ll like this one. Get it from Westworld Recordings from June 30th.