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GENERALS OF MONROVIA – ‘Immigrant Punk’ Album Review


generals_of_monroviaGenerals of Monrovia are a trio from New Westminster, Canada formed in 2014, now based in Austin, Texas.  The band consists of the suitably named General Sokah (Lead vocals, guitar), General 55 (Bass, back vocals) and General Motors (Drums). Their debut album, the topical and aptly named, Immigrant Punk opens with Artifact, a track and it’s a catchy powerful tune.

Dodgy At Best continues to deliver straightforward powerpunk rock with super melodies and musicianship. The album was released in Mid-February and is well worth a listen. The third track of six, Monroe channels some “Husker Du meets the Plimsolls” sounds and is a hook infested classic.

Generals of Monrovia have a knack for a good song and open Based On A True Story with a clip of a vile Republican speech on immigration before the plaintive vocals focus on the telling of a racist ditty backed by insistent guitar and drums.

The penultimate track, This Time Around reverts back to a faster paced rhythm and a Gaslight Anthem style vocal with a catchy chorus and super riff. The mini-album ends with You Bring This On which will be the single that is released from the album and it will get those feet moving as it pounds along Bad Religion style.

Generals of Monrovia are a welcome addition to the scene with a unique and accessible sound that takes the notion of melodic punk to the next level. They are well worth a listen and you can download your own copy of Immigrant Punk here:

Track Listing

  1. Artifact
  2. Dodgy at Best
  3. Monroa
  4. Based on a True Story
  5. This Time Around
  6. You Bring This On



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