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GLUE EAR – ‘Curl One Out’ EP Review

GLUE EAR – Curl One Out

Glue EarThis “new” release out from Glue Ear, Curl One Out is a collection of songs that were recorded back in 2011 that have finally seen the light of day. This will be available as a digital download only (from www.hornandhoof.co.uk/store.aspx, iTunes, Amazon ad all other platforms),

Glue Ear, however, will not be playing any shows in the near future as the band members have gone on to do other things, the guitarist now plays bass in Tio Rico.

This piece of history contains seven ripsnorting tracks with the opener, 120 reminding me of Minor Threat, Fugazi and Black Flag – the pace is relentless and the delivery is straight up hardcore punk!

Next up is Punx & Alleyways with an Oi vibe as the group vocals give way to another manically fast punk rock track from the Manchester, UK band. On this evidence, they are a band that we missed first time around and they have left a strong punk rock legacy for sure. The third track, Why (Not the Discharge version!) takes a few seconds to warm up and then drives into a raucous skate-punk roller coaster ride with a hint of ska midway through.

The UK82 style Child Killer has a somber tone and feel as the power chords support some pretty direct lyrics whilst Not A Friend surprises with a laid back intro and a relaxed ska/reggae approach that I thought was excellent before the power chords and pacey drums kick in!

The penultimate song is Street Fight and Glue Ear show another side of their punk rock personalities with a stormer of a song blending Oi! Street Punk, Ska and Blitz style guitars! The last track, Where Do We Go is a great conclusion with a gritty vocal over some excellent guitar work. Loved these seven songs, loved rediscovering this band! I think you will too!

Curl One Out by Glue Ear is also available direct from Bandcamp here: https://glueear.bandcamp.com/album/curl-one-out