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GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY Share Track Notes from New EP

GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY Share Track Notes from New EP

Goodbye Blue MondayScottish punk act Goodbye Blue Monday have just released their new EP ‘Misery Punk Ruined My Life’ on Make-That-A-Take Records.

The following are individual song blurbs from the band…


*1. Misery-Punk Ruined My Life*

“It’s one of those dreaded songs about writing songs. A lot of our songs have been about my struggles with mental health and bipolar disorder. My psyche being what it is, thoughts started spinning with the notion that anyone who listens to our songs might think they were some sort of schtick. I have a lot of great people and good things going on in my life, but any time I try to write something remotely positive, it feels incredibly laboured and forced. So, this song is about how the only thing I can write about is being miserable, because, no matter what I do, I am still miserable as fuck.”


*2. Worst In The Mornings*

“This song is about that overwhelming feeling of anxiety when you wake up in the morning after a terrible night’s sleep. You can’t face the day, but you have to. You’ve got to get up and deal with all the shit you’ve been putting off. When I’m going through a mental episode, things get worse and worse as the days go by, and all I do is procrastinate and bury my head deeper, which makes everything worse. That’s when my thoughts settle on suicide as the inevitable solution to end the cycle of anguish. Really,

there’s no real allowance in a working world for mental health.”


*3. Love Is A Noose For Two*

“This is my reflection on the pointlessness of marriage. I have no problem with love, and I understand marriage is a statement of love between two people. But, to me it seems that marriage is some type of box to be checked in the “successes” of life. It’s social coercion. It’s a conservative and archaic institution, where people can be forced to “make it work” when there’s no real need to. You get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, try to pay off your accumulating debt and die. And society encourages it. It’s suffocating. It feels like there should be more to life.”


*Biography*: Goodbye Blue Monday are an emerging melodic punk rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in late 2013, the band playing infectious and invigorating melodic punk rock, influenced by the likes of Iron Chic/Dead To Me/The Menzingers, with a characteristic Scottish cadence akin to The X-Certs/Twin Atlantic. With a depth of songwriting and maturity beyond their tender years, Goodbye Blue Monday are one of the more exciting  new Scottish punk bands to emerge in recent years.


Get the EP here: https://goodbye-blue-monday-1.bandcamp.com/album/misery-punk-ruined-my-life