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GOODBYE, OLD ME – ‘Schade, dass Beton nicht Brennt’ Review

GOODBYE, OLD ME – Schade, dass Beton nicht Brennt

Goodbye, Old MePost-Hardcore rockers, Goodbye, Old Me, hail from from Münster, Germany. They released this album in late 2017 and the record is out physically on vinyl and tape in March. As we have the digital version, we wanted to get out the review.

The album starts with a beautiful instrumental Intro driven by a restrained guitar strumming powerful chords that are joined by a melancholic lick and cymbals. The track builds but maintains the self-control throughout until the angst-ridden scream near the end…it sets up the album superbly.

Konsum enters with no break as the shouted vocals are joined by group chanted backing and a steady drum beat. The track veers down different alleyways and directions with a similar restraint in power throughout but a latent promise of more as soon as the shackles are off.

The third track of the eight on the album, Only Memories Will Remain is very aggressive from a vocal perspective whilst the drumming and guitar work maintain a solid backing. The spoken/shouted lyrics are juxtaposed with melodic guitar licks and slow drumming and the effect is slightly disconcerting yet entertaining and intriguing.

Alles Was Bleibt continues to blend plaintive vocals with intricate rhythms and guitar work and Goodbye, Old Me stick with the formula on Distanz. The screamed vocals that introduce Way Back Home add a powerful element to the album and the track develops into power chords and throat defying vocals. The penultimate track, Truth opens with some spoken word clips lamenting the state of society and develops into storytelling song all backed by an almost jazz style musical approach.

The closing track Zeit Steht Still is slightly more traditional in approach with guitars, vocals and drums joining to together to create a rock opening that meanders throughout the song into mellow sections as well as powerful moments driven by the vocals.

You can get yourself a copy of Schade, dass Beton nicht Brennt by Goodbye, Old Me here:




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