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GPL – ‘Anatomy of a Sailing Ship Album’ Review

GPL – Anatomy of a Sailing Ship

GPL are a melodic punk rock band from Vigevano (Italy). They formed in 1999 and in 2003 their first DIY demo “Hope inside, ruins everywhere” was released. After many live shows the band released another EP in 2012 and, eventually “Anatomy of a sailing ship”.

With a melodic piano opening over the top of running water, Prologue – Prayer for Atlas builds into a powerful and melodic guitar riff before the group vocals kick in and the song abruptly ends after just over a minute. With no respite, Chapter 1 – Song of Separation launches into a power emo tinged punk rock belter. The production, musicians and the vocals are all excellent in equal measure. The entire concept album is massive in scope and approach – I can only refer to Rise Against or My Chemical Romance as peers.

Chapter II – Seagull Flies builds on the theme of the first chapter with a variation on the first song, faster, angrier with some hellish good drumming, GPL are the real deal. The lead into Chapter III – One Good Sign Inside is Stiff Little Fingers like and the backing vocals add to the urgency and angst.

The eight songs (six chapters, a prologue and interlude) are split down the middle with Chapter IV – Bottled Message,  a song that opens with an epic guitar and then delves into NOFX territory with a power-punk approach and moments of space provided by a simple guitar riff.

Chapter V – The Captain’s Speech clocks in at just under three minutes and the guitar, bass and drums simply pummel you into submission before the emo vocals take over. The entire album is sung in English and the songs are complex in their structure with rhythm changes and short songs such as the more sludge feeling Interlude instrumental.

Concluding with Chapter VI – Jaws of the Leviathan, GPL decide to leave nothing in the studio as they churn out a punk rock dual vocal classic. The album is big in scope, well executed throughout and full of interesting nooks and crannys. It’s well worth a listen!

“Anatomy of a sailing ship” is a sea journey, where GPL are found defeating monsters and dealing with life hopefully coming out more intact than before.


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