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GREAT GRIEF – ‘Love, Lust & Greed’ Album Review

GREAT GRIEF – Love, Lust & Greed

Great GriefGreat Grief is a band from Reykjavík, Iceland formed in 2013. Known as one of the driving forces behind the Reykjavík hardcore scene. They’ve played over 150 shows all over Iceland, U.S and Canada, and earning a reputation as one of Iceland’s hardest working bands.

The band’s first release Ascending // Descending was recorded in a bedroom during the months of January and February in 2014. It was an independent release that later caught the attention of German DIY Vinyl label ‘Lifeisafunnything’, who later re-released the EP on 12” Vinyl. Shortly after that they headed out to the U.S and performed with such bands as Full of Hell, Letlive, The Acacia Strain, and Touché Amoré.

Love, Lust & Greed was released on December 7th and opens with the aggressive Fluoxetine: Burden Me with a mix of straight up Hardcore aggression and melodic post-hardcore power sections dominated by vocals full of angst and plaintive longing. The song halts two-thirds of the way through for a stripped bare vocal setting up a caustic, throat-burning ending..Wow! We are bit partial to the extensive Icelandic music scene here at punkonline.co.uk and Great Grief do not disappoint as Feeling Fine supports those screamed vocals with a pounding, powerful drum, rolling guitar and rumbling bass and then Troubled Canvas continues the momentum with a vengeance as a towering riff and pounding drums set up a true hardcore punk rock track with a dose of melody!

With Escaping Reykjavik the band dial up the anger and angst and mix it with soaring melodic choruses but those segments of glass shards in the throat vocals are as powerful as anything I have heard this year and the slow breakdown of the song to a plaintive ending is classic before the pounding drums of Pathetic usher in a Pearl Jam meets Napalm Death effort!

The piano infused Inhale The Smoke is a jarring return to a restrained production that juxtaposes brilliantly with the final third of the song that churns out some extremely hardcore sounds and then The Nihilist Digest pounds the ears with a relentless 2×4 pummelling and then Ivory (Lie) catapults into earshot with a bass guitar, strained guitar licks and post hardcore melodic vocals mingling with the screamed and desperate lead vocal.

On God Sent slow tempos meet with faster sections with the classic anarchist “No Gods, No Masters” slogan shouted with meaning before the penultimate song and title track (of sorts), Roots (Love, Lust and Greed) crashes into earshot with a foreboding guitar, thrashing drums and plaintive vocal developing into an epic exploration of sheer hardcore terror and melodic segments.

This intense, powerful album concludes with Ludge, a slower yet urgent track full of latent power, anger and aggression – these folks do not hold back and if you’re at all attracted by powerful, complex and intricate post-hardcore music, Great Grief are as good as it gets.


Grab a listen to Love, Lust & Greed here: