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GREYHOUND THERAPY – ‘Aaand Everyone Hated It’ Album Review

GREYHOUND THERAPY – Aaand Everyone Hated It

Greyhound TherapyGreyhound Therapy are a Miami based punk band, and released their second album on October 31st, 2018. The seventeen (yes, 17) track album opens with the bouncy, pop-punk Junkie with melodic vocals and group “whhooaahh whooaahh ooahh” backing to set us up for some good punk rock throughout. Throne threatens to go all Smash Mouth and then kicks into full gear with some hot guitar licks, great vocal interaction and an overall package of melodic (at times fast ska) punk rock that we loved!

I<3 Pop Punk bundles along with serrated riffs and soaring choruses whilst Harvey Stranger takes on the disgraced movie mogul and abuser of women set to some excellent punk rock backing and sterling guitar work with lyrics that leave nothing top the imagination and Looser Lips offers some falsetto vocals and funky guitars before launching into a Husker Du style rocker.

Fix Down displays a more intricate, rhythmic approach whereas Don’t Let Me Go is a 1960s Beach Boys go punk rock set of harmonies and then Acid comes in as a mid-paced stomper with elements of Gaslight Anthem with foot stomping beats. Despite the number of tracks, Greyhound Therapy do not undercut the length of songs with most over two and a half minutes and with Dive they mix a vocal and guitar harmony infested opening with a super-fast rip snorter of a track with some Green Day vibes and then Three Cheers For Armageddon slows things down with restrained verses battling with spunkier choruses before Rainy Day clocks in at over four minutes driven by a plaintive guitar lick and post-hardcore style.

Rage/Aftermath brings back the power and tempo with a pounding punk rocker and F (Nuke The West Coast) samples the disgrace that is Donald Trump and then features some bass guitar licks and, a fast paced reggae/ska effort mixes with some Dickies style fast punk. On Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Sex we are treated to a sample of the US National Anthem before the band lay down some Offspring style chords and display some 250mph punk rock and EzKorr is a staccato drum dominated effort with some unique vocal delivery.

The first bonus song and penultimate track is the seven-and-a-half-minute Angel and the band use the length to explore a variety of approaches to deliver an epic mid-paced punker with changes in tempo and a soaring vocal that is sometimes on top of stripped back guitars and then on top of raucous riffs…WOW!!! This album concludes with B-Sides with a Toy Dolls style intro, and doo wop backing to an, ahem dodgy lyric referring to anal sex.


Aaand Everyone Hated It By Greyhound Therapy  is available here:-


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