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GREYHOUND THERAPY – ‘Cucked’ Album Review


Greyhound TherapyGreyhound Therapy released an album on Halloween called Cucked and this punk/alternative band from Miami opens up with an electronic indie instrumental, GT Vs. The World, which is strange and slightly disconcerting! The next track of the nine on this album is completely different with a pounding drum and rocking guitar introducing a punk rocking churner with melodic vocals and heavy hooks that I loved!

Hello My Dear opens with a plaintive hook and megaphone style vocal with a Green Day vibe. The song develops nicely sounding like Brainstew and it is followed with Compelling Spelling where the band turn up the pace and volume to produce a pop/punk anthem.

On Enemy, Greyhound Therapy deliver some seriously chunky power chords and an overall sound that veers towards to indie-rock stadium staple. The band dial things up slightly on Paper Shrine with melodic guitar work, tempo-changes and eclectic vocal.

Some air guitar inducing solos soon joins the plaintive vocal introduction of Black Rose and sheer power of the band as the song develops into a melody infused rocker. The albums penultimate song, Circus takes on an organ waltz style vibe before exploding into full on whirling guitars before retreating again to bass and drums. The eerie vocals kick in and all combine to create an off-kilter track that is, again, disconcerting!

The album closes with Natural Devotion packages the slightly strange vocal delivery with chunky chords, soft yet rolling drums and sections of organ backing. It’s difficult to describe but, it works!

Check out Cucked by Greyhound Therapy at the usual outlets and the band can be found here: Twitter/Instagram is @hound5