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GRIMETIME – ‘I Think We Can Do Better’ Review

GRIMETIME – I Think We Can Do Better

GrimetimeFrom Ukiah in Northern California, Grimetime have just released their I Think We Can Do Better album and it is punk/pop festival of thirteen songs channelling the likes of The Ramones, Weezer and The Undertones.

The album opens with a chunky fast-paced melodic punk rocking pummeller replete with backing vocals harmonies Robot Attack is fun and fast! The drum introduction to Buddy Lembeck Kicked My Ass flatters to deceive as the song explodes into a fast and powerful punk rock song dripping with melody and Half A Chance lays down an engaging guitar lick and serrated riffs on top of a pounding drum with a soaring chorus and lyrics in the zip code of the Toy Dolls.

3.00 does not let up the pace or power as the track builds to hook heavy chorus with a number of vocals intertwining and I’m Next has a certain Ramones feel albeit interspersed with engaging guitar licks whilst the cover of the Eagles, Peaceful Easy Feeling is a superb pop-punk power package with great hooks and harmonies.

The four-minute plus, Charlotte delivers another strong power-punk pounder and the equally lengthy, Sunny D adds a light keyboard introduction and a refreshing guitar lick that eventually builds into a chunky, bass guitar driving mid-paced rocker before the engaging lick takes us home.

On Rhythm Of The Rain the band cover The Cascades for a poppy-punk frolic before yet another lengthy track, Julie offers some mid-paced punky ballad style prowess and then 04-15-2001 brings back memories of the Ramones with attribute song full of authenticity and clever moments of samples of Ramones riffs – this is a clever, well put together song that we loved.

Verse/Chorus/Fuck You is a grittier, heavier punk effort with no shortage of melody and the closer, Mars Or Bust offers another engaging guitar lick before exploding into serrated riffs and pounding beats descending into a feedback/spoken word ending…good stuff!


You can get a doses of 2018 Ramones style punk rock by Grimetime here:- https://grimetime.bandcamp.com/album/i-think-we-could-do-better