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Grok Enrol and The Nu-ThingAll\Mix/Dup is the debut album from Grok Enrol and The Nu-Thing, the Sheffield/ Leeds (UK) based band that blend dub, metal, psyche, punk and electronica. The album opens with the almost six minute epic The Beam Of Greatest Intensity where eclectic electronic sounds are joined with power chords, distant vocals in a Sisters of Mercy style, sections of classical music and is held together with a danceable beat – it’s different and it’s good!

Followed with another long track, Bulk Enrollment/Gullible Kingdom mixes the dub style beat with spoken word vocals both female and male. The track demands that you discover and/or dust off your dance moves and builds to an eerie vocal and musical conclusion. The title track All\Mix/Dup is up next and this one clocks in at just 71 seconds with a rockabilly vibe and it displays the bands variety!

The Fire In My Belly/Premonition Disco returns to the five minute plus length and this allows Grok Enrol and The Nu-Thing to showcase their electronic/dub/ambient credentials reminding me of Deepchord before the guitar kicks in to craft a Sister of Mercy goth/punk atmosphere with a disco style beat before fading slower and slower into a stop.

At mid-point of the album, Live@TEOT builds from a sinister keyboard, kicks in with vocals but remains powerfully restrained throughout to be followed by the superbly named Shoddy Bohemian Rhap replete with voices pushed through the effects pedal all to a rap beat.

Bouncin’ Along Song (Album Version) has a much happier atmosphere with a faint reggae beat and melodic vocal full of positivity and happiness. The band has a knack for song title as evidenced with Gotta Get Back To Glastonbury with its electronica meets the Clash approach. Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing have a Pop Will Eat Itself/The Shamen feel and The Beautiful and the Ugly blends both of those band’s sounds into what is for all intents, an instrumental.

The band close the album with The Hill With No Name, a song that enters very quietly and uses maracas to add a slight western/Mexican feel. The sense of open spaces and eerie atmosphere is well delivered and, overall, this is an intriguing unique album with indie punk vibes. I enjoyed it very much!

All\Mix/Dup by Grok Enrol and The Nu-Thing is released on the Premonition Tapes label, catalogue number PREM110, out now on limited edition CD and digitally here https://grokenrol.bandcamp.com/