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GROUP OF MAN – ‘What We Got In Common’ EP Review

GROUP OF MAN – What We Got In Common

Group of ManGroup Of Man released their six track EP, What We Got In Common, last month. The opening track, Everyone’s A Punk Nowadays is a sheer slab of punk rock noise terror with angry vocals dredged from the gut and churning riffs that create an almighty noise.

On Eraserhead the vocals maintain the anguished scream whilst the guitars add a rhythmic, math-punk approach until the song literally explodes into a spiraling wall of sound full on power and angst with the post-hardcore approach prevalent with twists and turns, soaring guitar licks and, oh, those vocals – four and a half minutes of sheer punk rock muscle!

That Good Kinda Glue is another four minute track and that allows a whole host of directions to be explored from the SLF like guitar introduction to an Idles like riff full of aggression – this is one great modern punk rock track. The grungy beginning to The Machine Stops Whirring sets up yet another wall of aggressive sound.

The penultimate song, Quit Waiting Around is a raucous mosh-pit inducing effort with some Rudimentary Peni vibes albeit fast and forceful with some monster chord work supporting the signature desperate screamed vocals…WOW!!!

Closing with Can’t Hack The Straight Life, Group Of Man pound home the advantage with a slab of punk rock power that just hits you in the gut.

This is one massive EP and you can get What We Got In Common by Group Of Man here: https://futurevoidrecords.bandcamp.com/album/what-we-got-in-common