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Grove Street Families – ‘VOL 1.0’ Album Review

Grove Street Families – VOL 1.0

grove-street-familiesGrove Street Families is back with a new mixtape, VOL. 1.0 out now on Venn Records. VOL 1.0 is where Grove Street Families have always wanted to be, releasing heavy hitting bangers, groovy bangers and just straight up punk bangers. Tracks like Sundaze featuring Obijuan prove G$F aren’t just a Grand Theft Auto themed hardcore band anymore, it’s a hazy, stoned summer jam. It bridges the gap between G$F being a bit of a laugh to now being a hardcore bastion with pure conviction. But obviously still being more fun than ever before.

After a brief rap opening on Intro and then VOL 1.0 opens in earnest with the excellent Make With It full of heavy riffs and vocals to bring back memories of Rage Against The Machine!

Beat It Up is even heavier with some monster riffs, pace changes and vocals full of power and strength and it is followed by Sundaze (featuring Obijuan) a full on jazzy hip hop track that had Tribe Called Quest vibe and is so different from the previous two tracks that it simply stands out. Grove Street Families showcase that they have many strings to their bow crossing genres and making it work. The forty second long Waved is a mellow guitar, trippy and surf inspired and sets up the incredibly intense Stoned To Death, a hardcore effort that I loved.

The seven tracks conclude with Faded, a two-minute punk rock effort with great riffs and hooks and those strong vocals as the band lay down some tempo changes and some serious power!

Vol. 1.0 by Grove Street Families is a superb effort demonstrating the full range of the bands ability and one to pick up for sure – get it here: https://gsf1992.bandcamp.com/