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GUN SHY share their new video for ‘Test You Like Gold’

GUN SHY – ‘Test You Like Gold’



Forged in the depths of the outermost reaches of existence itself, Gun Shy was first uncovered taking temporary residence in Southampton in January of the Earth year, ‘2016’ before announcing ‘First Transmission,’ which was released in May via Failure By Design Records – a 5 song audio transmission that drew influence from genres ranging from post-punk and doom to post rock. Gun Shy asks its followers to remain vigilant and to keep watching the skies.

Gun Shy’s new EP; ‘The Long Dance’ was due for release on Earth date ‘May 12th, 2017’ via Southampton’s very own Wrong Way Round Records on both cassette and digital formats. Recorded mixed and mastered live at The Ranch Production House by Lewis Johns. The Long Dance sees Gun Shy at their most honest and diverse. There’s moments on the record where you feel like you’re the only person in the world hearing the words whispered and spoken to you, not at you. The record is as unique as it brilliant, displaying Gun Shy’s full potential to create something truly their own. Plus, the guitar tones are wild.