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Guruzsmás – Üst A Gríz Felett

Guruzsmás – Üst A Gríz Felett

guruzsm-frontIn Hungary, somebody who is called a “guruzsmás” is a person who’s able to put a spell on someone else, or who himself/herself is being enchanted. Guruzsmás have been the foursome came together to record music that somewhat defies description. However, as a try, I would offer up Eastern Gypsy meets jazz meets punk meets goth as the band is purely instrumental. Opening with Kegylemet (Mercy) half a minute of an instrument that sounds like the cross of a banjo and a sitar, I’m leaning in and wondering what comes next.

Nyit s a Kozmosz fele (Opening To The Cosmos) is a complex, math-punk instrumental that retains an Eastern European feel but rocks out and has a psychedelic flavor – it’s darn good as well. The third track of the eight is Üst a gríz felett – (Caldron over the semolina) and clocks in at over four minutes just like the previous track. The band continue to delve into complexity and intricate relationships between the instruments and retain a hint of the aforementioned Eastern European sound.

Intermező – (Interplain) neatly splits the album and returns to the same instrument that opened the album for a brief twenty or so seconds. The next song Az eke rosszabbik oldalán – (On the wrong side of the plow) experiments with a fast-slow-fast-slow structure with some neat guitar licks bracketed by some heavy rock passages.

Éjjeli hús – (Night meat) begins with a the most straight up punk approach with fast drums and a Toy Dolls like guitar creating a true moshpit, ‘knees up mother brown’ sounds. It is one of the best tracks on the album and one of the most accessible adding some pipe instrument towards the end – cool! The penultimate track, Hegyitangó – (Mountain tango) is almost six and a half minutes and has a darker sound producing an overall feel that reminded me of Oakland’s Brookhaven (check them out too.)

In keeping with the intros and outros, the last track Engedelmet – (Your permission) is another short (less than a minute) effort with tribal drumming, Gregorian style chanting and a wood instrument leaving the listener intrigued and a bit discombobulated. I’m not sure that this is what most people would label “punk rock” but it’s strangely compelling!


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Track list:
1. Kegyelmet – Mercy
2. Nyitás a Kozmosz felé – Opening to the cosmos
3. Üst a gríz felett – Caldron over the semolina
4. Intermez? – Interplain
5. Az eke rosszabbik oldalán – On the wrong side of the plow
6. Éjjeli hús – Night meat
7. Hegyitangó – Mountain tango
8. Engedelmet – Your permission




Bencze Tibor (Timur) – lead guitar, tilinkó, kaval, throat singing

Háklár Tamás (Tomi) – rhythm guitar, kazakh dombra, digeridoo

Dallman Kristóf (Mr. Doctor) – bassguitar

Fekete Balázs (Blasius) – drums

Novák Jakab (Dr. Jacoby) – zither (guest member on the studio session)




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