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H BOMB HOLIDAY CAMP – ‘Close To The Borderline’ Review

H BOMB HOLIDAY CAMP – Close To The Borderline

h-bomb-holiday-campH-Bomb Holiday Camp were formed in December 2015 and their debut album is special. From the sub-one minute opener of the title track Close To The Borderline, it is clear that we are for a treat as the band churn out a manically fast paced punk rocker!

Down At The Parking Lot displays a chunky riff, excellent drums and some excellent lyrics as the band showcase some hooks, melody and energy. I adored this song and it had me begging for more. H-Bomb Holiday Camp deliver on the hardcore, Minor Threat style We Choose! – I was breathless after just one listen…this is canned energy!

A third of the way through the 12-track album sees Like To Bleed spiral its way into your ear buds and skull with a monster riff and the 12 bar blues dirty riff on Blues Cruise is exactly what Dr. Feelgood would sound like today and that’s a compliment!

On Under The Cobblestone H-Bomb Holiday Camp showcase some serious punk rock chops with a powerful anthem that gallops along. With pace, power and precision and a good dose of melody! The rock and rolling Amazing Maze is driven by a catchy lick/hook combination whereas Kings & Fools combines a dirty guitar riff with a bluesy vocal delivery to produce headbanging treat.

The superbly titled Ballad Of The Nitpicker is a full throttle angry punk rock monster of a track full of pace, bass breaks and some chunky guitar solos….good stuff! H-Bomb Holiday Camp provides some brief respite with a mellow guitar intro and then launches into heavy yet accessible song with a superb chorus spelling HBHC as “Welcome to the H-Bomb Holiday Camp” – it’s a signature tune and I’ll see you in the pit screaming this one!

Wicked Ways provides just of two minutes of fast paced, melodic punk rock with some excellent drumming and vocals. The album closes with Escape To The Unknown with another dirty guitar riff intro and some great vocal/instrument interplay – the track has an anthem feel and is a massively satisfying climax to a truly excellent album…loved every minute, every twist and turn and every gigantic chorus!!!

Check out Close To The Borderline by H-Bomb Holiday Camp from Wolverine Records



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