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HANS GRUBER AND THE DIE HARDS – Hans Gruber and the Die Hards

hans-gruberTexas punk rock band Hans Gruber and the Die Hards have announced the release of their first full length album that will be available worldwide on May 25th 2017.

Hans Gruber and the Die Hards’ focus their sound on hardcore and punk, but also draw influences from ska, rockabilly gospel, and funk. Known for their breakneck speed performances and entertaining frontman TJ, it’s not uncommon to see a conga line and a mosh pit breaking out in the same song at a Hans Gruber show.

Lyrically the band bravely tackles some of the most pressing issues of the day including the satanic consumption of Monster energy drinks, reptilian overlord paranoia, and big ol’ trucks – they don’t lack a sense of humor!

Packing in 14 songs, the album opens with the chant of It Just Doesn’t Matter and the band channel fellow Texans MDC as well as Verbal Abuse. It’s an in your face track that I really enjoyed. My Bad Luck is a sub-one minute Dickies style song and next up is Monster Within where some horns are introduced adding a subtle flavor to the hardcore assault.

We’re All Gonna Die brings forward a full on ska sound displaying the bands variety and it’s infectious as well as funny! Xenu returns to a hardcore attack and Howlin follows up with a tinge (just a tinge) of rockabilly with the hardcore as well as Texas swing interlude!

On Ghostbusters Hans Gruber and the Die Hards up the fun content with a punk rock version of the movie tune and then we are treated to 54 seconds of funky/jazz You Can’t Change The World – the variety is wide and deep!

Sheer Tyranny Of Will is one of the fastest ska-punk songs I’ve ever heard and I loved it! Track 10 is the 58 seconds long Lunartini, a Minor Threat style rocker. The band keep up the momentum with Exhausted where rockabilly is intertwined with cowboy guitar intersections.

On Isaiah the nursery rhyme bass is joined by a guitar lick and then launches into a mosh pit/circle pit epic reminiscent of the Dead Kennedys at their fastest. The album concludes with Blood Moon where a church organ underpins a spoken word intro and then the bass and guitar join in with dueling vocals and, eventually a fast paced punk rock jaunt with a church hymn vibe…I promise you it works.

I really enjoyed the variety in this hardcore album with ska, jazz, funk and even country flavours  – it’s great fun!

Check out Hans Gruber and the Die Hards here: http://www.hansgruberandthediehards.com/