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HARD PIPE HITTERS – ‘This Is Rock Bottom’ Review

HARD PIPE HITTERS – This Is Rock Bottom

Hard Pipe HittersThis Is Rock Bottom by Hard Pipe Hitters makes commentary on an array of personal and social issues with an underlying theme of struggles with mental health and social awareness. The twelve tracks cover topics such as: police brutality, mental health and suicide, government policies, fragility of the male ego, and the toxicity of personal grudges. Hard Pipe Hitters hail from Las Vegas and take on a serious subject with aggression and aplomb.

The album is released on November 11th and opens with Kelly Thomas Got A Bum Wrap where a news report detailing police brutality in California explodes into a decidedly angry vocal supported by churning guitars before the band go through the gears to up the pace. It is a monster of a punk rock song full of anger at the current USA (and rightly so).

Hard Pipe Hitters continue to showcase their anger with Ministry Of Truth featuring strong backing vocals and a bass guitar led middle eight that adds to the atmosphere of uprising and resistance. Life’s A Joke samples a scene from a movie monologue and those gravel throated vocals are very well supported by some excellent work from the band…hardcore and hard hitting indeed!

The thirteen tracks are packed with energy, tight playing and mosh-pit inducing hooks from the massive No Long Goodbyes to the lighter Best 2 Out Of 3 displays an aggressive vocal performance soon joined with group vocals as the band plea for some “sexual release” with an Oi! backing track.

The heavier than hell bass and drum intro to Definition Of Success leads to an edgy Fugazi style punk rocker and the bass is prominent throughout this hardcore effort. The film samples continue on Anger’s One Helluva Drug where the song motors along with a crazy spiraling section that feels like a hardcore helter-skelter ride! 2 Party System Blues drives home the frustration at the US political system and is followed by the Black Flag like Divine Blackmail.

Hard Pipe Hitters take a swipe at a UK indie legend with Morrissey’s A Fuckin Cunt (Ok, more than a ‘swipe’) with a drum roll intro, heavy bass and rollicking guitar lick as the lyrics criticize Morrissey’s canceling of gigs, insulting his fans with a humorous set of choruses. New Age Axis powers along with a super riff attacking the fascist scourge. The Gregorian chants introducing My Anathema lead into another set of monster riffs with a melodic tinge. The band wrap up with a cover of the Dead Boy’s Sonic Reducer and it is a superbly gritty hardcore version…good stuff indeed!

Check out This Is Rock Bottom by Hard Pipe Hitters here: https://hardpipehitters.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-rock-bottom