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HEDONISTIC NOISE – ‘Silence Is More Musical’ Album Review

HEDONISTIC NOISE – Silence Is More Musical

hedonistic-noiseHedonistic Noise is a punk rock band formed in Istanbul, Turkey during 2016. Their seven-track album, Silence Is More Musical, is an excellent release full of hardcore punk sounding like an updated Black Flag.

Opening with Everything You Hear Is A lie, where I was instantly reminded of Rudimentary Peni, Hedonistic Noise are a breath of fresh air.

Reverting to Turkish on Hicbir Seye Tapinmak Istemlyorum, the band take it up quite a fewl notches. Maybe it’s the cover artwork but the Rudimentary meet Flux Of Pink Indians ambiance is what hits me the hardest – it’s an unrelenting track with aggressive vocals and distorted guitars. Sizi Sevmek Zorunda Degillm! is another fast punk rock track ready made for inducing mosh pit chaos.

Olmek Icin Ol! opens with some brief feedback and then launches into a standout track full of aggression and with no let up from the punk rock onslaught – I loved this track for its sheer ferocity.

Switching back to English for Time is Done, Hedonistic Noise surprise with a more melodic (but still powerful) track with some neat hooks more in keeping with bands stated influences such as The Germs and Minor Threat.

The second to last track, Kim Inandirabildi? is the first of the seven to push past the three minute barrier (the last track does the same) and it allows the band to really demonstrate some different sounds much more like Husker Du in terms of structure and melody. It’s a super track!

By the time the final track arrives, I’m really liking this band and Yanilgi does not disappoint with a slower, churning pace and atmospheric guitar building into one of those head-bangers you simply don’t want to end. The track builds and builds in a Nirvana like fashion and attacks with some full frontal vocals before retreating again into the churning rhythm – Hedonistic Noise are well worth checking out – another super addition from Istanbul.

Grab a free download here https://hedonisticnoise.bandcamp.com/

Release date: April 15, 2017
Recording, Mix & Mastering: Alican Erbaş at Tight Aggressive Studio.
Album Art: Sare Taylan
Label: Byzantion Records

1.      Everything You Hear Is A Lie
2.      Hiçbir Şeye Tapınmak İstemiyorum!
3.      Sizi Sevmek Zorunda Değilim!
4.      Ölmek İçin Öl!
5.      Time Is Done
6.      Kim İnandırabilirdi?
7.      Yanılgı