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HIGHTOWER – ‘Club Dragon’ Album Review

HIGHTOWER – Club Dragon

HightowerHailing from Paris, France, Hightower have followed up their 2014 debut Album, Sure. Fine. Whatever., with their sophomore effort, Club Dragon.

The album will be released on September 15th and is chock full of melodic punk rock. Opening with a few seconds of softly strummed acoustic guitar on Numero Uno the band flatter to deceive and soon shatter the land speed record with some elegant and complex punk rock with a melodic twist. On Mushrooms And Bamboos Hightower explore the skate-punk genre further with changes in rhythm (with some super fast drumming) and tuneful vocals reminding me of Teenage Bottlerocket.

The third track of the twelve on the album, an Ernest’s Castle continues the onslaught and continues with a math-punk approach with changes in approach driven by tight beats. The band change things up a little with the NoFx like The Party with chunky chords and spiraling vocals and it is followed by Hedonic Treadmill where the band get heavier but drop the pace slightly – sounding like an Epitaph/Fat Wreck band, Hightower are very accomplished and polished.

Tournesol begins with a complex interplay of bass, drums and guitar and the extended intro sets up a pacey and aggressive punk tune that continues into Titty Twister with its Metz like approach.

On To The Hole, the band invoke a spookier sound with the guitar notes and feedback adding to an ominous introduction and an instrumental that rocks with Kind Of Blue continuing with a darker edge before the vocals match the guitar in scope leading to a super cool chorus that had me stamping my feet. Hightower rock things up with Lov Pyramids where they go full on emo/punk in a My Chemical Romance way. The penultimate track, Kvlt begins with a jerkier, fuzzier guitar that is joined by those soaring vocals and then the band comes in with a wall of noise that works really well.

Closing with Cheyenne Mountain Hightower wrap up the entire package with elements of that darker sound, changes of a pace including a storming drum intro that just propels the track along. The song is over four minutes in length allowing sections of relative calm to meet with the power and pace.

Hightower will appeal to fans of the emo/skate-punk/Fat sound and you can get ready to buy this one here: https://krodrecordsblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/hightower-club-dragon-preorders/