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HIGHTOWER release new track ‘Tournesol’

HIGHTOWER release new track ‘Tournesol’

hightower-bandHIGHTOWER is a Punk Rock band from Paris, France, composed of Attila (vocals), Alexis (bass), Benjamin (guitar), Jérémie (guitar) and Romain (drums).

Their debut album SURE. FINE. WHATEVER., released in 2014, was recorded and produced by Steve Evetts (Real Friends, Sick Of It All, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite…).

After a huge success with debut album, the French punk rockers have announced the release of their next album ‘CLUB DRAGON’ for September 2017, through KROD Records, FAR CHANNEL Records & JOE COOL Records.

This album was once again produced by Steve Evetts.

As a preview, the band released, on May 22nd, a music video for single ‘The Party’ (as featured on Punk Online), and premiered, on June 16th, the track ‘Tournesol’ (below), both songs taken from their upcoming record.