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HIJACK BROADCAST – ‘Smalltown Paranoia’ EP Review

HIJACK BROADCAST – Smalltown Paranoia

Hijack BroadcastHijack Broadcast are a three-piece side project of the two German bands, 51Grad and Mostrich from Halle(Saale) in the east of the country. They have just released their debut EP Smalltown Paranoia which we were stoked to review.

The five track EP opens with the outstanding Tooth Fairy with an Offspring style guitar introduction and gravel throated vocals combining to create a punk rocker of enormous power and raw strength.

On Yesterdays the melodic guitar driven intro leads to some gigantic riffs and the entire office sat up and took notice as Hijack Broadcast display their unique take on some So. Cal punk rock in the shape of Pennywise and Bad Religion.

As we paused to catch our breath, Drinking Soon had many a head banging and had a few of itching for the mosh-pit. The penultimate song, Back And Gone features some excellent bass guitar runs, chunky riffs and fast-paced drums supporting the vocals. The singer sounds like he gargles with bourbon and it helps create a unique sound for the band.

Closing with the dissonant tones that introduce Blood Bank, Hijack Broadcast channel another California band but, this time, from the North of the state via the Dead Kennedys. The East Bay Ray style guitar licks add to a solid punk rocker.

This is one great debut – check out Smalltown Paranoia by Hijack Broadcast here:-