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HOBO BASTARD – ‘Disincentives To Breed’ EP Review

HOBO BASTARD – Disincentives To Breed

Hobo BastardHobo Bastard has just released their five-track EP, Disincentives To Breed. The Tempe, AZ punkers open this five-track EP up with Gelfing where the guitars spit out chunky riffs and fast-paced punk rock with a raw edge.

Next up is Shit, Piss And Rock n’ Roll and Hobo Bastard really step on the accelerator and add in some backing vocals and tempo changes to create a raucous wall of sound. They juxtapose melodic segments with all-out punk sections to create a mosh-pit frenzy!

Itchy Finger Nash is the longest track of the five at just over three minutes in length and the band again display a knack for pace, power, catchy choruses full of melody and the hooks just rain on down relentlessly!

On John Saltwater Blues we are treated to 98 seconds of full on punk rock with a great dirty bass guitar prominent in the mix and a churning section setting up a chaotic finish.

Hobo Bastard close this one out with Pot Noodle Love and that bass duals with the monster lead riffs to craft a powerful pop/punk/skate/punk song with a terrific middle eight build.

Check this slab of punk rock bu Hobo Bastard here:







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