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HOLY LOCUST – ‘Fever Dream’ Album Review

HOLY LOCUST – Fever Dream

Holy LocustHoly Locust just released a new album called Fever Dream. The band hail from Pittsburgh and New Orleans in the USA but recorded the album over four days in Melbourne Australia after a tour there. The band have a unique sound that could be loosely described as “folk-punk” although that does not really do them justice – the closest band to their sound that I have heard is Denver based 16 Horsepower.

The eleven-track album begins with Prophet’s Hangwhere a deep cello growl meets with group vocals, banjo and develops into a gypsy folk jig replete with male/female vocal interplay and, an overall atmosphere of foreboding and angst. The slow waltz of Heir To Woe features a prominent accordion supporting a strong female lead vocal whereas Aedis Aegypti is more urgent in approach with the violin up front in the mix and vocals in background creating a Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds vibe.

On Pigs In A Blanket Holy Locust returns to a polka/waltz like pace with an Eastern European/Gypsy feel with some excellent trumpet adding to the upbeat pace and Houses Of Fire goes full on waltz in a foot stomping ballad. Tangled In Ropes showcases some melodic female vocals with a folk/country tinge andWhooping Cough returns to a gypsy punk backing.

The five-minute plus, Holy Digger’s Hole is where the band approach the folk-punk label full on with a ballad driving by plaintive vocals and banjo/violin interplay and they follow up with another lengthy track in Biting Our Wings with a traditional folk music undercurrent given some epic treatment crafting a powerful, rhythmic sea-shanty-esque ballad.

The penultimate song, Wolf Womb also exceeds five-minutes in length and features the female lead vocals and a bluesy folk slant. The album concludes, appropriately with Outro (Trip To Craigieburn) where Holy Locust wrap things up an ominous, creepy, slow building instrumental that has a Celtic vibe and will have you searching for your dancing shoes.

It’s different, it is more folk than punk, more gypsy than rock but it’s a very good listen!

Check out this unique album, Fever Dream, by Holy Locust  here: https://holylocust.bandcamp.com/album/fever-dream-2