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hope-through-hostilityLondon’s Hope Through Hostility have released a new seven track E.P. called Promise following up from last years album that we reviewed here

The title track Promise opens the album with a superbly heavy and aggressive punk rock extravaganza as the band squeeze in grindcore, hardcore and full in your face punk rock in just over two minutes! Interchanging vocals and approaches don’t let you settle and Pendejo follow up with a variation on the formula. The bands stand out approach of many vocalists and changes in pace in an intra-song way is compelling. At times the 100-m.p.h. attack threatens to overwhelm but the band skillfully bring the listener back from the brink before building up again.

Black Friday 2 opens with a churning rhythm and chanted vocals in almost rap-style and, as the song builds and veers into different directions, there is no point where the listener can predict what is coming next. Hope Through Hostility pack as much variety into one song as many bands do in an entire album!

On Maggot, the band display a full throated punk rock capability full of anger and energy and remind me at times of Napalm Death. Build My Castle is the longest track of the seven and opens with an acoustic guitar over a background of rain and thunderclaps before a brief pause and then, sheer bedlam before a turn into sludge and then back to the sheer fast-paced punk rock – it left me breathless!

Track six, Don’t Turn Your Back On Me showcases at least three vocal approaches and is one of the stand-outs on this post-punk, heavy as hell collection. By the time the bonus 7th track, and acoustic version of Promise, settles down to a mellow, stripped down take, I’m pleasantly exhausted!

Check out Promise by Hope Through Hostility here:


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