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Hope Through Hostility“We’re a band who are the sum of our influences – everything from metal, punk, hardcore and the blues” – HTH.

Hope Through Hostility reside in London and have recently released their self-titled debut album via bandcamp. It’s classic ‘punk meets metal’ and will certainly appeal to those who enjoy this crossover between the two genres and it certainly deserves more than a free download.

The one minute opening ‘Intro: Hope through Hostility’ instrumental is heavy yet melodic and does not prepare you for what’s to come! The way lead singer Dwight delivers the lyrics throughout is definitely worth a listen and he’s ably accompanied by fellow band members ‘G:’ on guitar, Vick on drums and Matt on bass.

The songs are heavy and in the main, fast. There are plenty of guitar solos for the metal enthusiasts as well as punk riffs and some harmonious chorus’s thrown in for good measure. However, the one thing that stands out for me are the continuous rhyming lyric sections, almost chanted one word at a time but at such an incredible speed.

‘New Blood, Truth, Religion’ starts with the chant “Bruv, should have watched your step…” repeated over until Dwight delivers his first breakneck verse:

“Some people surrounding you, crowding you, crowning you, later turn around and clowning you…”.

The attack on ego maniacs in ‘Media Slag’ is almost personal and an excellent angry punk track aimed at those who “Keep on obsessing over social accession”. This is the Hope Through Hostility way, anger at the ‘sheep’ who just conform to what society throws at us. ‘Black Friday’ is another example of how we’re consumed by commercialism…

“Buying bullshit just to fill us up, but it’s useless cause it’s never enough”

…again interspersed with a superbly delivered chorus.

‘Information’ completes the album, this time an attack on the use of social media. Again the pace is inexorable and again, extremely heavy.

As alluded to earlier, if metal/punk is your thing then HTH have to be heard. A very accomplished band who deliver music to knock your socks off!


The full album is available here>>>

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Track Listing

  1. Intro: Hope Through Hostility
  2. New Blood, Truth, Religion
  3. Econodomy
  4. Man on Horseback
  5. Media Slag
  6. Black Friday
  7. Ruinous Ones
  8. Irony
  9. Break the Ceiling
  10. Information



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