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HOPE THROUGH HOSTILITY – ‘What this Means to Me’ Album Review

HOPE THROUGH HOSTILITY – What this Means to Me

Hope Through HostilityWhat this Means to Me was released on 30th November 2018 by London hardcore punks, Hope Through Hostility. The band cite the city of London as a key influence on their sound with elements of hardcore, metal, punk and the blues evident in their output.

This eight-track album opens up with the title track, What This Means To Me and it is a punch to the head and gut with duelling vocals featuring massive agonised screamed lead, aggressive backing voices and serial tempo changes full of Black Sabbath/Black Flag segments – this is one slab of concrete hardcore that just grabs you by the throat and forces your head to bang!

Trapp Talk is a 300mph romp through a critical expose of the banality of life today with some throat tearing vocals, spoken word sections and some Rage Against The Machine power throughout. Hope Through Hostility are aggressive, in your face and clever both lyrically and musically. The lengthy People Poacher has sludge-core sections supporting manically fast rapped/screamed vocals and intricate changes in tempo and approach with some feedback drenched, dirty bass guitar interludes and cascading punk rock segments – it is epic in scope and delivery!

On Chunky the pounding, jackhammer drums, grind-core and hardcore metal/punk sections all combine to produce an enormous track that, again, hints at RATM as well as Napalm Death and Stimulus Package is a more straight up punk rock/grind-core effort with some excellent guitar work. With Abjection, the band go for the jugular with a hardcore/post hardcore track full of aggression, angst and anger like Black Sabbath meeting Gallows on a dark, gloomy night and producing this offspring!

The penultimate song, No Long Talk (Featuring What this Means to Me’ Louis Ironed Out & lyrics Ammo Life Betrays Us) grinds along with some melodic vocals mingling with guttural sludge-core growls and some super-fast hardcore punk servings – it is, once again, epic in scope!

The album ends with Without A Fight with some sheer slabs of power mixing with fast punk rock, agonised vocals and an approach that just feels so authentic and compelling.

You can get your hardcore fix from Hope Through Hostility here:




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