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HOUNDING – ‘Mutt’ EP Review


HoundingHailing from Canterbury, Kent in the garden of England, Hounding have released their debut EP, Mutt, consisting of five belting songs. The three piece conjure up a scintillating noise and open with the Rudimentary Peni like M.U.T.T. ! before showing another side to their personality with the grinding Anxiety with Nirvana like repressed verses and ‘let it all out’ choruses…the strong British accents compliment the grunge like music perfectly with a massive riff in the middle eight that had us banging our heads in unison!

Grave launches into a raucous riff driven pile driver of a track that continues to explore the restrained sections with commanding choruses all set to a pounding rhythm with excellent group layered vocals. The penultimate track, God, begins with some reverb enhanced guitar strings, sets a mid-paced beat and has echoes of the Violent Femmes with a plaintive vocal but when the feedback kicks it to launch the massive chorus, you just can’t help but shake your neck!

The EP closes with the five-minute plus, Spew and Hounding leave nothing on the field as the pace is quickened and the vocals a lot more in your face and angry. The track is a punk rocking roller coaster with some serious speed and energy combining with a slow grinding elongated section that slowly fades away to feedback…wow!!

This one is well worth a listen/download. Get Mutt by Hounding here: https://hounding.bandcamp.com/album/mutt