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HULIT BULLET – ‘Ways To Have Fun’ Album Review

HULIT BULLET – Ways To Have Fun

Hulit BulletCzech Republic via Israel punk band, Hulit Bullet just signed to the Punk and Disorderly Records label and their album is now available to order as is their limited exclusive T-Shirt.

The twelve-track album begins with the eponymous, Hulit Bullet with a skate-punk, Fat Wreck vibe in the spirit of Blink-182 and NoFX.

The pacey drumming, major guitar licks, massively fast power chords and melodic vocals continue on Ways To have Fun whereas Drink My Pain Away slows things down a tad to blend some Ramones style riff-work with some hardcore punk vibes. On In Czech Republic the serrated riffs are heavy and menacing and the drumming aggressive and fast as the lead vocals grittiness is smoothed out by some melodic backing vocals and the “Oi, Oi.Oi!” chants and then I Think About Him matches vocal harmonies with some fast melodic skate-punk.

Common Sense opens with a nod to ska but flatters to deceive as it breaks into a power-pop-punk song with manic guitar solo while Been Here Before adds some clips of various TV interviews backed by a solid set of riffs and builds into a soaring vocal performance over some super-fast drumming. Those drums introduce Alcoholism Is Not A Game For Kids, a track that careens at 200mph with power, pace and precision with Punk Rockers Unite a fifty-four second hardcore effort with some Oi! vibes and reminding me a little of the Bad Brains at their fastest.

Another short track is the ninety-six second Women I’ve Never Been (GG Allin Cover) with its country punk style and then the penultimate song, Team Work maintains the sheer momentum evident throughout the album.

The album ends with Winners Can Lose Too, and at almost four-minutes in length this one opens with an acoustic guitar and a plaintive vocal accompanies the lilting strings to see us out with restraint.

If you like your punk rock melodic, fast, fun with a skate punk vibe, order Ways To Have Fun  by Hulit Bullet here:


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