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I FEEL FINE – ‘Long Distance Celebration’ EP Review

I FEEL FINE – Long Distance Celebration

I Feel FineFormed around two years ago and solidified last year, Brighton UK band I Feel Fine will release their debut EP, Long Distance Celebration on May 4th on Failure By Design Records.

The five tracks begin with the relaxed guitar strums of Long Distance and the mellow atmosphere lasts for forty-one seconds before kicking straight into track two, Beached Community. The post-hardcore sound of intricate yet powerful guitars, complex beats mix with distant vocals. As the vocals scream forward, the music heats up before returning to math-punk style intricacy.

Everyday Safari offers a different take on the post-hardcore sound with a wall of sound approach that sounds like five guitars playing at once with group vocals and pounding beats. The penultimate track, Lifer, offers almost four and a half minutes of aggressive vocals and powerful, melodic guitar work – the package is compelling!

The closer, Pan For Gold clocks in at just over six and half minutes and that allows some solo, mellow guitar introduction for over a minute and a half before the drum kicks in – the song has a patience and a huge group vocal before cascading licks and drum rolls pound the track on. The outro of the song sends us home in a mellow mood!


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