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ILL FATE share Video for ‘Pragmatic Patty’

ILL FATE share Video for ‘Pragmatic Patty’

Ill FatePunk Rockers from Wales ILL FATE released their debut video ‘Pragmatic Patty’ ahead of their upcoming album and the song’s inclusion on Ginge Knievil’s Top of the Pops 2018 compilation (https://www.facebook.com/GingesTOTP/). All proceeds from the compilation will be going to support Mental Health Matters Wales which is a cause close to the heart of the band.

Pragmatic Patty featured on the band’s debut EP when they were a 4-piece but has been re-recorded as a 3 piece for the compilation, and it is this new recording that is featured in the video.  Inspired by various real people known only to the band, this song tells the tale of 3 ladies who make dubious socio-political choices and the consequences.

Influenced by so-cal style punk pedigrees such as NOFX and Bad Religion, but with a distinctly British touch, the forthcoming album is packed full of songs that really resonate with the band members themselves.  Mixing politics, partying, tragedy, comedy, and a genuine terror of what the future might hold, ILL FATE have something for everyone.