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ILL FATE – ‘Times Got Tough’ EP Review

ILL FATE – Times Got Tough

Ill FateIll Fate are a punk rock band from Cardiff, Wales.  They state that they are influenced by bands such as NOFX, Bad Religion, No Use For A Name, Pennywise, Dropkick Murphy’s and Against Me!

The five track EP (the band have communicated that they intend to release a debut album in 2018) opens with the title track, Times Got Tough where the gravel throat vocals are delivered with a huge dose of melody as the music powers along with pace and accessibility. The song is full of hooks and humor pervades the lyrics as the band channel Bad Religion.

2031 is another pacey track where the melody, skate-punk approach and sheer power shine through. The band sound more South California than South Wales and they have a unique style that makes them very listenable indeed.

On track three, Strong And Stable, Ill Fate add a touch of menace to the Tory party slogan and, for me, this is the track of the five with it’s angry lyrics and superb punk rock backing. It is followed by Pragmatic Patty (a song title that Olga of the Toy Dolls could have penned) and the band display that sense of humor with some great lyrics, churning guitars and some neat licks.

The EP closes with My Friends Who Moved Away and this is first real Dropkick Murphy’s vibe that I picked up with the bands Celtic roots showing through and combining with that aforementioned Bad Religion overall package – it’s a great combination and the Celtic guitar lick adds variety and punch.

This super EP is well worth your attention – check out Times Got Tough by Ill Fate here: https://illfate.bandcamp.com/album/times-got-tough-ep