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ILS – ‘Pain Don’t Hurt’ Review

ILS – Pain Don’t Hurt

ILSPortland heavy noise rockers ILS have released their debut EP, Pain Don’t Hurt, through French label P.O.G.O. Records. The band features members from other Portland, Oregon noise merchants but this January, 2019 release creates an almighty new and fresh racket!

The five-track EP opens with the ominous guitars and pounding drums of No Luck and contains some of the most “dredged from the pits of hell” screamed vocals I’ve heard in a long time and they compete with a straightforward spoken vocal that just exaggerates the power of the scream all set against a heavy riff driven song that just rocks!

The superbly titled It’s Not Lard But It’s A Cyst opens with a dirty bass guitar and then the urgent serrated riffs meet that agonised vocal again and the track proceeds with precision and power before Northstar kicks in with a rocking, head-banging approach full of intensity and energy driven by some excellent riffs, drumming and those signature vocals. Wow!

The penultimate track,Curse, is the longest on the EP at just over three and a half minutes and ILS use this extra length to showcase some different approaches with an eclectic introduction veering into funky territory with some rhythm driven by the bass and stuttering guitars before building into a slow and mesmerising effort that is epic in scope and delivery.

The EP concludes with For The Shame I Bring and this one leaves nothing to the imagination and hits like a 2×4 repeatedly – this is one intense slab of music that you can listen to here: