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INCISIONS Join TNSrecords and Release New Single ‘War In Your Head’

INCISIONS Join TNSrecords and Release New Single ‘War In Your Head’

IncisionsTNSrecords are very excited to welcome Incisions to the family. To celebrate they have released a video for the brand-new single ‘War In Your Head’.

Manchester is the home of UK DIY punk. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong. Manchester birthed Incisions in 2015 and they’ve been honing the sound since. This is what being young, working class punk in the North of England sounds like. They’ve combined love, lust, liquor and rage, dragging 80s American hardcore through the streets of Manchester.

The anger and desperation at the youth being abandoned by the system is tackled in the first single from their self-titled album. Discussing ‘War In Your Head’ guitarist and vocalist Jordan said…

We don’t exclusively hate the Tories (but we do hate ‘em). ‘War In Your Head’ takes a swipe at all the f*ckers that inflict suffering on those they are supposed to stand for. It talks about the consequences of their, completely disconnected from the real world, decision making. There is no glory in fighting other people’s wars for them, and you won’t get any gratitude for it either. They’ll kill us all!

As someone who has spent the last decade much like everyone else hating being lied too under a Tory regime, this song is the anthemic fist raiser we’ve needed! This is a local band that won’t be local for long. This album is looking like it’s really going to shake things up a bit.

The single is released ahead of the band’s debut self-titled album which will be released on vinyl and CD by TNSrecords in November.