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INCISIONS – Self-Titled Album Review

INCISIONS – Self-Titled

IncisionsManchester is the home of some great indie music and is building a burgeoning reputation as a city producing some excellent DIY punk. Manchester band, Incisions formed in 2015 and they’ve been honing their aggressive sound since.

The band focuses on global issues like the far-right uprising and deceitful politics the world over, through to more personal subjects like addiction problems and heartbreak. This debut album contains twelve songs in nineteen minutes and it is fair to say that it showcases Incisions as one of the most exciting bands in UK punk scene right now.

The feedback drenched introduction to Deny sets up a chaotic, manically fast hardcore punk track in the spirit of Minor Threat and Discharge with some rhythmic segments of tight drum and chord work and aggressive, challenging vocals. The brilliant War In Your Head track is next with a pummelling, pounding approach full of headbanging and mosh-pitting prowess all sounding as angry as hell! The band don’t mess around and there is no ‘fluff’ with the ninety seconds of Sound Carlos driven by those excellent drums, working class lead vocals supported by some group backing and terrific riff work that just ensnares you and spits you out…Wow!!!

Follow is sixty-five seconds of frustration and anger bottled into a full-frontal attack on gun culture and I Wanna Die With You is shorter still at but drives home with shouted/screamed vocals full of angst and tempo changes from mid-paced powerful punk to slamming hardcore. The melodic guitar licks that usher in 60 Hours build into raucous support of a superb vocal delivery dripping with plaintive angst and apathy with Drug Money delivering a rollicking punk rock track that will have you singing along with the hooks before Bigger City shakes things up with sheer power and pace offering a helter-skelter hardcore track that left us breathless and in awe!

Incisions showcase variety throughout and the slower paced Circles appropriately runs rings around your head with swirling guitars and percussive vocals joining the drumming to drive the message home and Self-Medicate delivers a nihilistic, bleak commentary on life against a backdrop of a slab of concrete hardcore punk rock – loved this one! The penultimate track, She just blew our minds with searingly hot riffs, jackhammer drums, booming bass and ‘in-your-face’ vocals reminding me of Henry Rollins and Frank Carter as they implore you to sit up and take notice.

This superb album closes with Corrupted System and there is simply no quarter given as these folks drive you into the corner and onto the floor with sheer persuasive punk rock authenticity and it renders as fast-paced riffs, pounding drums and from the gut vocals. This is the real deal!

The album is available on vinyl (white with black splatter), CD and digital download and you can grab a copy at the links below.