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INFA-RIOT – ‘Old and Angry’ Album Review

INFA-RIOT – Old and Angry

Infa RiotFormed in 1980, North London Oi!/Punk legends, Infa Riot recently released the excellently titled Old & Angry album. In a year that has seen new releases from Anti Pasti, Ruts DC, Cock Sparrer, Peter & The Test Tube Babies and Antisect, it is clear that many bands are older but still as angry as they were 35+ years ago.

Make no mistake, this is not an album that retreads old songs and dials it in, instead, it’s an up to date set of songs that create a terrific package. Opening with a true Oi! classic, Over My Dead Body has all the necessary ingredients. With chunky riffs, storytelling lyrics, terrace chant vocals full of menace and some tight as a gnats arse rhythm section. The soaring guitar solo and rolling licks cement the deal – wow!

Next up is Kiss My Arse motors along for a sub two-minute romp into punk/Oi crossover territory. The rumbling drum introduction to Attack leads to a call for the working class to fight back against the “big cats,” to stick together. Given the latest revelations on the elite tax dodgers, it is a timely call. Brick Wall is a more personal complaint about talking to a “brick wall” backed by a rollicking and rambunctious riff, and some excellent solo guitar work.

The band display a sense of humour on Punk And Oi with lyrics celebrating the music that “has a bite” and the group vocal chorus is a delight! Infa Riot go for a muscle bound punk rocker on I’m So Angry and follow it up with a faster UK Subs sounding rocker in Whoever You Are. Both the lead vocals and the group backing voices have a North London accent adding to the unique British sound of the band.

I guess that no Oi album would be complete without a bit of patriotism. Infa Riot have a humorous take on this with I Always Come Back To Blighty takes on the home sickness of the ex-pat/vacationer in sun or the touring band looking forward to coming home. It’s a fun track followed by the stomping Who The F**k Are You? where the band take on the faceless people telling us to be friends with.

On Proud the melodic guitar with a Stiff Little Fingers sound supports a lyric urging everyone to be proud of who they are irrespective of their background, “success” or current status. It’s a powerful ballad that will encourage a few sing-alongs late in the bar! The band return to the issue of identity and music with I Am More Punk Than You attacking the scene where spikey hair and studded jackets are not more punk than the attitude – it’s a melodic and powerful song that is superbly delivered.  The band have a message throughout of unity – do not let anyone divide and conquer.

The penultimate track of the thirteen is Awkward Bastards with its “whooaah, wooohh” backing vocals and a punch the air chorus – great fun! The band end this storming set of songs with What Goes Around where loyalty and individuality is valued as the music is a danceable riot…good stuff!

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