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INK BOMB – ‘Swim’ EP Review


Ink BombInk Bomb is a Dutch punk rock band that has made quite a splash since its inception in 2015. After the band released their debut-EP Invincible Summer in 2016, the band found its way to a lot of stages in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The band have just released their second EP, Swim and it opens with a monster punk rock track. The Bleachers gives a serious nod of the head to Bad Religion and, like the So Cal punkers, is full of melody and monster riffs.

The darkly humorous The Creeps is bass driven pop-punk perfection brimming with backing vocals, solos, laid back sections as well as some seriously punky stuff as well. On Heavy Crosses the pace quickens, the harmonies come thick and fast and the entire package has a slightly melancholy vibe adding to the powerful package.

The four track EP closes with To The Trenches where the restrained opening lulls you into a false sense of security before the song literally explodes. The track meanders back to the softly strummed, slower section before exploding again!

Ink Bomb display a mature and bloody excellent songwriting talent throughout this release and this closing track is nothing short of epic. Excellent stuff!

Check out this super EP by Ink Bomb here: https://inkbomb.bandcamp.com/