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INTERROBANG!? – Self-Titled Album Review

INTERROBANG!? – Interrobang!?

InterrobangFeaturing Dunstan Bruce and Harry Hamer from Chumbawamba, along with Stephen Griffin on guitar, Interrobang have just released their self-titled debut album (digital version). The band produce a sound akin to the very earliest Chumbawamba singles full of honest lyrics, sections of restraint followed by heavier sections.

On the opening track, Here Now, Dunstan shouts that he “still has something to say and he doesn’t want to fade away!” – the song has a stuttering rhythm, chunky chords and a great chorus.  The Inclement Weather powers along as the vocals take on a spoken word poem approach before the group joins in with a passionate chorus. The song explores a variety of directions but the entire 95 second package is very pleasing indeed!

On Asking For A Friend, the military drums, throbbing bass and softly strummed guitars give way to a serrated rhythm supporting the shouted vocals. As with Chumbawamba, Dunstan’s Northern accent is prominent, and he has an authentic way of inviting the listener in to share his views. The lyrics are terrific, full of introspection and references to current affairs/trends. The excellent Are You Ready People? blends The Mob with Subhumans to create something very different that I can only compare to the very first Chumbawamba single. The faster sections play well with the superb melodies of the verses…great stuff! “The meek will inherit shit….SHIT, SHIT, SHIT and that’s IT!” – these guys are as relevant as ever!

On Mad As Hell, the bass and drums craft a goth punk vibe and the lyrics ram home the fact the these guys are still angry as hell at the injustice of the world. Completely negating the view that you get more conservative as you get older, Dunstan sounds as angry as ever but, smarter! The jagged acoustic guitar intro to Curmudgeon sets up a jerky song with some interesting vocal interplay and strong hooks whilst Music Of The Gross features some excellent drum work from Harry and a megaphone rap from Dunstan. The music has a driving riff and punkier feel and is followed by Taciturn where the guitar lick and tempo reminded me of Devo/Joy Division.

The ninth track of the fourteen on the album, Do You Remember? adds some electronic blips to the spoken word lead vocal and a humorous backing vocal all combining to create something a little disconcerting. The follow up Love It All has a Fall like vibe with some dissonant guitar notes before the cacophony of a chorus kicks in. Based On A True Story is a rampaging track that I enjoyed very much and Billingham features an acoustic guitar riff with faster drumbeat and some great lyrics belted out by Dunstan. (I won’t spoil the trick)

The penultimate song, Breathe, has a jerky feel almost Beefheart in vibe and leads to the closer, Am I Invisible Yet is a storytelling masterpiece with some great punk rock riffs, mellow sections and, crafts a very satisfying end to a super agit punk album.

Check out this fresh and relevant project by Interrobang here: http://interrobangband.co.uk/

The CD version is available for pre-order although the digital album can be bought now from all the usual online stores.