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INVISIONS – ‘Never Nothing’ Album Review

INVISIONS – Never Nothing

Invisions-Never-NothingYork’s Invisions announce the release of their self-released debut album Never Nothing on 18th August.

Invisions have released three singles from the record so far – the first Turn Up, followed by Purge, which showcases a darker side to the band’s unique metal/hardcore approach. The latest single is Soul Seeker with a different sound.

The band formed in early 2016 with a collective vision to create hard-hitting, adrenaline-fuelled, heavy music. The opening track Torment is a true ‘tour du force’ combining melodic vocal choruses with guttural vocals, massive power chords, keyboard intervals and pounding drums. Almost operatic in scope, the track is clever, complex and displays 1000 volts of sheer power…phew!

The first single from the album, Turn Up is next and brings a Nine Inch Nails meets Napalm Death sonic landscape with the interplay of melody, power and throat defying vocals mingling with machine gun drum/bass interludes – these folks are not afraid to explore the darkest corners of metal/hardcore and come out with some dance, some rock and some rollicking rhythms!

The 12 tracks are all lengthy, and that allows the songs to breathe and try on different sounds from the keyboard and screamed vocals of The Haunting to the melodic opening of the ballad style For What It’s Worth. The dark introduction to The Damaged Ones just provides a brief respite as the track batters you into submission with its full on aural assault.  At the half-way point, Faced By A Stranger is dominated by a guitar lick and soaring chorus that interplay with the devils chorus themselves full of guttural vocals. Serenity lasts just over a minute and is a breather featuring a mellow guitar and keyboards – it’s the calm before the storm of the recently released single Soul Seeker where Invisions bring those signature throat defying vocals to the fore layered on top of some great rhythm and guitar licks…Wow!

Maintaining the offensive with Hate Me (Forsake Me) and Purge the band delivers on a combination of metal and melody and set up the closers with Faith In Another emulating a Guns & Roses opening and the ballad style vocals providing some nice juxtapositions with a rabble-rousing chorus.

The album closes with Illusionist, a four minute plus Killing Joke on steroids rocker. Invisions are more metal than punk, more Napalm Death at times than Discharge and they will appeal to those of you who like their punk with a metal flavor.

Check out Invisions and Never Nothing from their Facebook page.