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ITALIA 90 – ‘Italia 90’ EP Review

ITALIA 90 – Italia 90

italia-90Confession: We are suckers for a footie reference here at Punk Online towers and the superbly named Italia 90 brought a smile full of memories to our chops. When we read the accompanying blurb to the bands eponymously title EP, it clinched the deal! Have a read:

“Formed from the ashes of Late Capitalism, London quartet Italia 90 are revolting in both senses of the word. Listening to their sardonic missives on life in the rainy fascist island is like being beaten over the head with a blunt instrument or cut into with a razor sharp blade, depending on their mood. Haters will say they’ve got all the nuance and musicality of a stewed auld fella at your local still yelling about Orgreave and Watney’s Party Sevens, but those in the know will tell you they’re the offspring conceived in a grotty threesome involving Mark E. Smith, Lemmy, Klaus Dinger and two dozen pints of continental lager.”

Italia 90 start their campaign (ahem) with an extended guitar intro to On The Scene that swirls around and around for over a minute before the vocals kick in dripping in irony and pathos. The nihilistic vibe reminded me of the Idles, The Fall and some of the early anarcho-punk bands like The Mob…it’s great stuff!

The second track of the five on the EP is Untitled and delivers 70 seconds of hard hitting punk rock with a Zounds meets Disorder vibe for you UK82ers out there. Mobile Reassurance Unit powers along with the vocals prominent and backed by a solid rhythm section and strong riffs before a discordant section with spoken word description of an incident in London demands your attention. Italia 90 channel that Crass demeanor as the dissonance continues for a good while before the guitar emerges with the drums to return to the compelling riff with the bass becoming more forward…Wow!

Keeping My Hands Clean is another short (65 seconds) track with a strong bass, ambient guitar sounds and a gravelly throated vocal reminded me a little of the Sleaford Mods. The band conclude the EP with the almost seven minutes in length Competition. A slow drum-beat supports a wailing guitar that burrows and burrows into your brain and the lyrics are full of that irony, anger and nihilism and rail against the system – I’m hooked…welcome Italia 90…a breath of fresh sardonic air fit for the times.

Get the EP here: https://italia-90.bandcamp.com/releases