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ITALIA 90 Release Single ‘New Factory’ on September 21st

ITALIA 90 Release Single ‘New Factory’ on September 21st

Italia 90In London’s ‘Tech City’, the area around the Old Street roundabout heralded as London’s answer to Silicon Valley, is a new office building pompously titled ‘White Collar Factory’. With its risible name and contrived faux industrial interiors, the development is an unwitting monument to the follies of our service economy and our post-Fordist malaise.

This malaise is fertile territory for London four pierce Italia 90, who follow last month’s comeback single ‘Tourist Estate’ with ‘*New Factory*’, their latest piece of agit-pop. ‘New Factory’ sardonically takes aim at the drudgery of white collar work and the illusory freedom it offers, taking the unlikely form of singalong lyrics, surf guitar, a fetching bassline and rollicking drums.“Once you’re in you’ll never want to move” repeats frontman Les Miserable in the song’s propulsive breakdown, lampooning the imperative to ‘live and breathe’ your job and love your workplace like a second home.

Anyone familiar with ‘Competition’ from last year’s debut EP, with its mantra-like refrain of “freedom to choose, freedom to lose”, will recognise this as familiar territory for the band. Office workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains, discounted gym memberships, free bicycle storage and derisory pension contributions!

‘New Factory” is released digitally via Box Records on the 21st of September and is available on all major platforms.

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