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ITALIA 90 – ‘Tourist Estate’

ITALIA 90 – Tourist Estate

Italia 90London based dissidents Italia 90 return with a new single, Tourist Estate, released on August 10th. The overall sound of a slow dub reggae bass guitar, grindcore beat and uncompromising grinding guitars serve the subject of “poverty porn” very well. At one point, the guitars disappear to leave the drums supporting repeated chants of “Brutalism” before the guitars kick back in reminding me a little of the noisefest backing to the Crass classic Yes Sir I Will.

The band channel the Fall, Art Brut and the post-punk sound in general and this is a fine follow up to last year’s debut EP.

The band was part of Milhões de Festa 2017 line-up and a frequent presence in all the recommended South London venues (e.g. The Windmill!) with a couple of gigs planned for later this month.

Bio: Formed from the ashes of Late Capitalism, London quartet Italia 90 are revolting in both senses of the word. Listening to their sardonic missives on life in the rainy fascist island is like being beaten over the head with a blunt instrument or cut into with a razor-sharp blade, depending on their mood. Haters will say they’ve got all the nuance and musicality of a stewed auld fella at your local still yelling about Orgreave and Watney’s Party Sevens, but those in the know will tell you they’re the offspring conceived in a grotty threesome involving Mark E. Smith, Lemmy, Klaus Dinger and two dozen pints of continental lager.


Check out Tourist Estate by Italia 90 here: https://italia-90.bandcamp.com/releases