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JABBA – ‘Vice’ Album Review

JABBA – Vice

jabbaCommonly known as “the only rock band in Tromsø”, Jabba originally hails from the rural town of Sørreisa and have fought their way through the harsh street life of this unforgiving northern settlement with loads of perseverance and struggle.

After 10 years of backbreaking labour they have finally released their debut album Vice, on July 19th via Loyal Blood Records.

Vice offers up eight tracks opening with the pounding drums and heavy (really heavy) bass of Final Form. The track sounds like Black Sabbath have met Black Flag and Motorhead to produce something new and different. On Smoke, the pace intensifies and the vocals growl like Lemmy himself as that bass just demands that you move – it’s punk, metal, hardcore all rolled into one package and it’s damn good!

Drink is more complex rhythmically with a math-punk approach, tempo changes and is followed with Moon where the band lay down an almighty groove that had me head-banging throughout! The second longest track of the eight is the three-minute plus Mathlete and it’s a corker that, once again, has some Motorhead overtones but with a unique twist that conjures up some Royal Blood like vibe.

Prof maintains the momentum and is followed by the almost four-minute in length, Rat and Jabba use the time to try out some different paces and approaches with a roaring chorus, tight musicianship and some rocking sections. Closing with Drugs the band deliver a great surprise package that just rocks. Check them out here:-




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